“David’s style of writing is similar to his way of being with patients, very grounded and present. He uses client studies to exemplify his easy to follow methodology and builds skills each step of the journey. He doesn’t just share a client’s story, he talks about the parameters set by therapists and the role they need to play in order to create order out of chaos, and trust and safety for those who have been abused, many times by those who should have been caretaking them.

David’s book is not sensationalism, nor meant to create awe or envy. It is a book based on experience, and he uses that wisdom as a mentor who guides a new student. He reminds the reader that in every client there is an inherent ability to heal, given the circumstances that support it, which he guides us to creating. This is not a book meant to trigger or dissuade one from reaching towards a healing goal. It is a book that can be read by both survivor and healer, as both work in harmony with each other to reach a point of social integration. He reminds the reader that analyses of each alter is unnecessary, and that holding space for the client’s journey and trusting that the client has the necessary inner guidance to bring them to fruition, means that the therapists’ role is to be present and to be the observant, objective witness.” –  Shamai Currim, PhD Psychotherapist

No need for the details
“There are true professionals who do seek to assist those dealing with DID, more to regain a life that was splintered by abuse, with the idea that alters need not be erased, but brought together to obtain wholeness of the patient. Dr. Yeung did a great job of writing this book to explain the importance of the patient being an active participant in their treatment. His words reflect a genuine acceptance and validation of the pain his patients experienced. In writing this book, he is helping all those who are working to regain life in spite of the diagnosis of DID.” – Babs RN

“The members (of our online support group) love your book.  I have never heard in our community so much excitement over a book.  They truly have taken to you.  They are talking about doing a study group on the book.  They would go a chapter at a time – then, discuss in chat sessions…graciously we thank you.” – Felicity Lee (Ivory Garden)

“This book opens up the world of the amazing reality of multiple personalities. Dr. Yeung’s work with D.I.D. patients over the years shows a brilliant clinician trusting his insights in the face of challenges that others would find daunting. For those who suffer from this syndrome, and the associates, friends, and loved ones who are impacted by it, this is a must read. Even more far-reaching, the understanding of the act of dissociation as a response to trauma can be relevant to some extent for most everyone.”– Joseph Parent (Ojai, CA)

“The author has spent his life helping those suffering with this devastating condition. With this book, he continues that work in a way that can benefit so many more. Well-written and engaging, the stories and Dr. Yeung’s thoughtful approach to treatment provide tremendous insight, as well as a ray of hope for those afflicted with DID.”– kenny z